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ISBN #978-0-9810703-4-6

Dear Readers...

I was inspired to write this book after meeting a man who had just been released from prison. My misgivings about meeting an ex-con, especially a murderer, were unfounded as Gavin (not his real name) turned out to be a soft-spoken man with a gentle spirit, despite his impressive stature. I learned a little of his story, but that's where my imagination took off and ideas for my next book began to unfold in my mind.

The title, A Brief Moment in Time, is from a quote by Abraham-Hicks: 

“...never mind reality. Reality is only a brief moment in time that you keep repeating.”

A Brief Moment in Time...

is an elusive romance with shifting realities and paranormal twists, a story that entertains as subtle truths resonate with the reader's inner knowing.

One regrettable night...

Gavin McDermott’s life changed forever. 
Now Gavin has spent nearly eighteen years incarcerated for murder, and fear of what life will be like on the outside is starting to consume him. No longer the foolish kid that he was, Gavin sees life differently and when a rehabilitation program is announced, Gavin is willing to participate. In fact, he is looking forward to learning more about the innovative approach to life that the program’s organizer, Kathryn Harding, is offering. Intrigued by the teaching and enamored by Kathryn’s gentle voice and attractive personality, Gavin realizes he is falling in love, yet he is hesitant to talk about his increasing anxiety. A severe panic attack sends him to the prison infirmary where the faint line between dreams and reality suddenly fades. Gavin awakens to find that none of the past weeks events have even taken place—the rehabilitation program was merely an illusion. More confused than ever, Gavin questions his sanity. But when he discovers that elements of his dream are actually true, he is determined to find an explanation.

Kathryn Harding has a dream...
of transforming the nation’s penal system. When her program finally gets the green light, Kathryn and her team begin a trial at Swenton Prison. After several weeks, she is pleased with their progress, but there is one man in particular that stands out. Gavin McDermott intrigues Kathryn with his wisdom and spiritual maturity, but confuses her with a knowing that defies reason. Kathryn finds herself drawn to him in ways that surprise her. But just when she admits her true feelings for him, their time together is cut short by a startling revelation.

Adele watches helplessly... 
as her best friend lies in a coma. With Kathryn’s family planning to remove life support, Adele grieves the tragic loss. But when her friend utters the name Gavin, Adele is convinced there is still hope. Mysterious clues point to an inmate at Swenton Prison, and in a desperate attempt, Adele contacts Gavin. She is convinced that Kathryn and Gavin have rendezvoused in another realm but has no idea if Gavin is aware of the connection. Nevertheless she is determined to solve the mystery if it means saving Kathryn’s life. Time, as she knows it, is running outand Gavin is her only hope. 
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Gold medal for Visionary Fiction in the 2012 Independent Publishers Book Awards

Honorable mention for general fiction in the 2012 Hollywood Book Festival